horse [hôrs]
pl. horses or horse [ME hors < OE hors, hros, akin to Ger ross (OHG hros), prob. < IE base * (s)ker-, to leap (or < ? * k̑ers-, to run > L cursus)]
1. a domesticated or wild, perissodactylous mammal (Equus caballus), raised in many breeds, having a large body and head, four usually long, thin legs, and a long, flowing tail: horses have been ridden, used to pull loads, etc. since ancient times
2. the full-grown male of the horse; gelding or stallion
3. anything like a horse in that a person sits, rides, or is carried on it
4. a device, esp. a frame with legs, to support something; specif.,
b) a clotheshorse
5. a man regarded as resembling a horse, as in having great strength or endurance: sometimes used as a general term of address
6. Chess Informal a knight
7. Informal PONY (sense 4)
8. Slang
a) HORSEPOWER (sense 2)
b) [pl.] HORSEPOWER (sense 3)
9. Gym. a padded block on legs, used for vaulting events: see POMMEL HORSE
10. [with pl. v.] Mil. Brit. mounted troops; cavalry
11. Mining a mass of earth or rock inside a vein or coal seam
horsed, horsing
1. to supply with a horse or horses; put on horseback
a) to place on a man's back or a wooden horse for flogging
b) to flog
3. Informal to shove; push
4. Slang to subject to horseplay
to mount or go on horseback
1. of a horse or horses
2. mounted on horses
3. large, strong, or coarse of its kind [horse mackerel]
☆ back the wrong horse
1. to bet on a horse that loses the race
2. to choose or support the losing side
beat a dead horse or flog a dead horse
Informal to argue an issue that is already settled
from the horse's mouth
Informal from the original or authoritative source of information
☆ hold one's horses
Slang to curb one's impatience
☆ horse around Slang
1. to engage in horseplay
2. to spend time in pointless or trifling activityhorse of another ( or a different) color
horse of another color or horse of a different color
an entirely different matter
on one's high horse
Informal acting in an arrogant, haughty, or disdainful manner
to horse!
get on your horse! mount!

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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